Why You Should Visit an Orthopedic Surgeon for Musculoskeletal Pain Relief

Musculoskeletal pain can stop you in your tracks, making you miss out on your favorite activities and living your life. It affects nearly every element of your body, from your bones and muscles to your ligaments and nerves.

But if you’re one of the 50% of Americans with musculoskeletal pain, you might be hesitant to visit an orthopedic surgeon for pain relief. Many people think that orthopedic surgeons only offer surgical procedures to treat pain, but the truth is that they are experts in nonsurgical methods of pain relief, too.

You don’t have to live with musculoskeletal pain. If you’re bothered by hip pain, knee pain, arthritis, or another common musculoskeletal condition, turn to Chris Boone, MD. Dr. Boone and our team offer customized treatment plans to help you find lasting relief from your musculoskeletal pain.

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Find the best in nonsurgical pain relief

Dr. Boone is an expert in many common musculoskeletal conditions. When you visit our team, he begins with a comprehensive exam. He talks with you about your medical history to determine the cause of your pain. In many cases, Dr. Boone often recommends noninvasive treatment at first. 

Physical therapy is a great option for people of all ages who have musculoskeletal pain. It’s a noninvasive treatment aimed at building strength and improving your range of motion to manage pain in everyday life. If you’ve had orthopedic surgery, physical therapy is also an important part of recovery.

Minimally invasive treatments for pain relief

As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Boone has a deep understanding of musculoskeletal conditions. When noninvasive treatments aren’t enough, he can adjust your treatment plan as your needs change.

He offers minimally invasive treatments that range from steroid injections to arthroscopy procedures to find effective pain relief that works for you. Steroid injections reduce inflammation, and Dr. Boone may suggest platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to stimulate soft tissue healing.

Some surgical procedures for musculoskeletal pain are minimally invasive. If you’re suffering from hip pain, Dr. Boone can perform a hip arthroscopy to diagnose the cause of your hip pain and repair issues in one simple procedure.

Orthopedic surgery for pain relief

Certain causes of musculoskeletal pain — like torn tendons — are best treated with surgery. Dr. Boone is familiar with a variety of common muscle and tendon injuries, along with broken bones and fractures. For serious injuries like these, surgery promotes healing and helps eliminate ongoing pain.

Pain from arthritis and other types of joint deterioration can be managed with conservative treatments like steroid shots. But if these methods don’t offer enough relief, Dr. Boone can help you decide if joint replacement is a good option for your pain.

He offers hip replacement and knee replacement surgeries for patients who don’t see adequate relief from more conservative treatment options. These surgical procedures effectively relieve pain from arthritis and other joint conditions by replacing damaged bone and cartilage with durable, artificial joints.

Seeking care from an orthopedic surgeon like Dr. Boone ensures you’ll get the best care, whether you need surgery or you’re interested in nonsurgical treatments. You can find effective musculoskeletal pain relief with Dr. Boone’s help.

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